UP Private Tubewell Connection Yojana

UP Private Tubewell Connection Yojana 2022 online application forms are invited by the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL).

UP Private Tubewell Connection Yojana
UP Private Tubewell Connection Yojana

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) has invited applications for the same. Through the implementation of the system, UPPCL strives to provide new electrical connections for private pipe wells to everyone in a hassle-free way. Under this system (Uttar Pradesh Free Tubewell Yojana), UPPCL will ensure the fast processing of applications from applicant families through an online process. All consumers who want to get a new connection to their private pipe wells can now approach UPPCL or visit Jan Suvidha Kendras.

The first step is to visit the official UPPCL website. On the website, click on the link “Apply for a new electricity connection for a private pipe well (Uttar Pradesh Free Tubewell Yojana)” which can be found under the section “Connection services”. Consequently, a new page for the online application will be opened as shown here:! Here, the applicant can click on the tab “Online application for a new electrical connection for a private pipe well”. In addition, the login page will be opened for new private pipe well connections in Uttar Pradesh.

Applicants can then click the “Click Here for New Registration” button to open the UPPCL New Electricity Connection for Private Tubewell Online Registration Form (Uttar Pradesh Free Tubewell Yojana). The applicant can enter their name, date of birth, e-mail ID, and mobile number and click on the “register” button to complete the process of completing UPPCL’s new online registration form for private pipe well connections.

Through the implementation of this system (Uttar Pradesh Free Tubewell Yojana), more households will now have private tubewell connections that make life easier for everyone in the house. Pipe wells are a natural source of water, and homes should not go through strenuous efforts to access that water. With the help of private pipe well connections, the problem of water in many parts of the state will now end.

The scheme aims to provide electricity to different classes in Uttar Pradesh who live on the brink of poverty – either below the poverty line or above it. The UPPCL Jhatpat Connection will enable all the poor residents of Uttar Pradesh to get access to power/electricity instantly.

The Jhatpat connection online application under the 2022 Jhatpat Connection scheme will require beneficiaries to log in to online portals and get their applications registered.

  • For beneficiaries belonging to the BPL category and applying for the Jhatpat new connection, a nominal sum of INR 10 should be deposited online.
  • On the other hand, families belonging to APL categories will have to pay a sum of INR 100 for the Jhatpat Online portal.

Within 10 days of applying on the Jhatpat connection UP portal online, you will get an instant electricity connection between 1 Watt to 49 KW.

UPPCL Jhatpat connection online 2022 benefits 

The following are the detailed benefits of the Jhatpat online.

  1. Low-income families residing across Uttar Pradesh can benefit from this Jhatpat new connection scheme.
  2. Poor families can pay a nominal sum of INR 100/- and avail of a new Jhatpat connection ranging from 1 KW to 49 KW.
  3. On the other hand, those residing below the poverty line (BPL) can apply for the Jhatpat connection UP by paying a negligible sum of INR 10/- and still getting access to electricity between 1 to 49 KW.
  4. The earlier procedure of obtaining electricity for poor families involved a lot of inconvenience at government departments and offices. With the new Jhatpat online connection, you simply need a Jhatpat login, deposit the requisite fees according to your poverty band, and you can avail of electricity pretty easily.
  5. The Jhatpat online Yojna results in poor families accessing electricity within 10 days.
  6. The online process has saved the hassles that poor people had to go through – making constant rounds at government offices, getting insulted by government officials, and massive wastage of their time and hard-earned money.
  7. With the UPPCL Jhat pat yojana 2022, almost lakhs of poor families’ lives have benefitted as they have received electricity connection.

This scheme comes in each year in April month. first when an applicant applies for a new connection for tubewell and he did boring by mean of BDO of the respective area then the electricity department like Uppcl offers a subsidy on estimated cost( like in the year 2020 it is 68000 rupees). for applying connection we have to go to the electricity department portal like in Uppcl we have to go to Uppcl.org. and click on the private tubewell connection option. and start filling out the online form.

In this article, we will discuss the required documents for a tubewell connection(Uppcl btw connection). whenever an applicant wants to get a connection in Uppcl PTW connection ie Agriculture. We will tell you this today. The requirement of the form varies at the time of application and at the time of agreement. That is, the consumer has to submit three forms at the time of application. And 3 forms have to be submitted at the time of agreement.

The applicant’s name should be the same on the Aadhaar card, on Khatauni, and on the boring certificate issued by BDO i.e. if the consumer or applicant’s name is not the same on these three required documents, then in such case, the connection can be rejected. so on the boring certificate issued by BDO Office, on Aadhaar, and on Khatauni the name of the applicant should be the same.

And the Gata number{registry’s land no.) of the land should also be the same in the application form, boring certificate, and Khatauni, otherwise, the application can be canceled.

After filling out the application form by the applicant and submitting the above three documents, the Gata number(land of agriculture) given on the boring certificate is inspected by the concerned Junior Engineer and Sub Divisional Officer OF UPPCL on behalf of the Electricity Department UPPCL.

If the location of the field shown by the applicant on the spot and the Gata number given on the Khatami (registry paper) do not match each other, then the application will be rejected.

And if the field is shown by the applicant and if the Gata number(land no.) inscribed on the applicant’s application, matches, then the Estimate of the said application is made by the Junior Engineer of the Electricity Department UPPCL. In the estimate, line charge, security, meter cast, and labor charge are added. Line charge means the electrical materials cost used to make a line. Its price comes by charging the line. After the depositing of the cost of the steam by the consumer, there is an agreement between the executive engineer of the consumer and the electrical department. At the time of the agreement, 3 forms are again submitted by the consumer, which is as follows.

To apply for the Uttar Pradesh Private Tubewell Connection Scheme:-

  1. you have to visit the official website of UPPCL https://www.upenergy.in/. After visiting here, you have to click on “Apply for New Electric Connection for Private Tubewell” in the column of Connection Service.
  2. On clicking this option a new page will open on your screen. On the new page, you have to select the option “Online Application for New Electricity Connection”.
  3. After doing this process you will directly reach the login page. On the login page, click on the option “For new registration click here”. In the next step, another new page will open on your screen.
  4. Here you have to enter all your required details asked. After filling in all your details click on the Register option. By following this process, you can easily apply to Uttar Pradesh Private Tubewell Connection Scheme. After verifying the application, tube wells will be installed in your fields.

Tubewell Connection Yojana: Today we are going to tell you about a special scheme of the Uttar Pradesh government. The name of this scheme is Uttar Pradesh Private Tubewell Connection Scheme. If you are a farmer in Uttar Pradesh, So you must take advantage of this scheme of the government. A lot of irrigation is needed in the fields for good yield. At the same time, for the economically weak farmers, while irrigating the fields, diesel and other things cost a lot. In such a situation, in view of this problem of the farmers, the Uttar Pradesh government has started this scheme. Under the scheme, the government is getting Tubewells installed in the fields of the farmers. You can easily get the connection of tube well in your fields by applying the scheme. The application process is quite easy. You will not face any kind of problems in this. In this episode, let us know about the process of application in the UP Private Tubewell Connection Scheme –

The Central Government and the State Government of the country keep on coming up with many schemes to help the farmers. Through these schemes, along with financial help, the government provides other facilities to the farmers so that the farmers do not have to face any kind of problems in farming. The name of one such scheme is Private Tubewell Connection Yojana. This scheme has been run by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to help the farmers.

The reason behind the Uttar Pradesh Private Tubewell Connection Scheme being run by the state government is that if the tubewell connection is installed in the field, the need for diesel is very high to run it for a long time. . In such a situation, this cost to the farmers is very high. In such a situation, this scheme has been started to overcome this problem of farmers.

Farmers can also apply online to take advantage of this scheme. By this, a tubewell connection can be installed in your fields. Only residents of Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh Domicile) can take advantage of this scheme. So let’s know how to apply to this scheme (Uttar Pradesh Private Tubewell Connection Yojana Benefits)-