Swasthya Sathi Scheme 2022 (Smart Card): Online Application, Beneficiary List

The West Bengal government has introduced the "Swasthya Sathi Scheme," a new health-care coverage program.

Swasthya Sathi Scheme 2022 (Smart Card): Online Application, Beneficiary List
Swasthya Sathi Scheme 2022 (Smart Card): Online Application, Beneficiary List

Swasthya Sathi Scheme 2022 (Smart Card): Online Application, Beneficiary List

The West Bengal government has introduced the "Swasthya Sathi Scheme," a new health-care coverage program.

Swasthya Sathi Scheme: West Bengal government introduced a new health coverage scheme called “Swasthya Sathi Scheme” to provide health insurance facilities to protect its citizens from heavy expenditure in case of hospitalization. This scheme was launched with the objective to provide free secondary and tertiary health care treatment to the citizens from the various empaneled hospitals. The complete package of treatment up to a ceiling of5lakh per family for a year will be borne by the state government.

Considering the situation when citizens are not able to bear the catastrophic expenditure of hospital treatment, the government decided to launch a health cover scheme for all and as a result, the Swasthya Sathi scheme was implemented in the state.

Swasthya Sathi Scheme is a flagship scheme of West Bengal which was launched on 30th December 2016 by the Chief Minister of the state Mamata Banerjee. It was implemented by the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India. This scheme provides health insurance and assurance cover to all the eligible citizens of the state. A Smart Card/ Health card is issued to each beneficiary once their application is approved. They can use the card in case of any health emergency at any of the impaneled hospitals under this scheme.  

Swarthy Sathi's scheme is just like the Ayushman Bharat scheme of the Central Government. Every WB citizen who wishes to apply for this group health insurance scheme and for the issue of the Swathya Sathi Smart Card is required to submit an application form. They have to fill each and every entry correctly in the application form. Check the important details mentioned below to be filled in the application forms-      

Salient Features of the Scheme

In this section, you can check some of the key features of the scheme and can get an insight into it. Have a look-

  • Swasthya Sathi is a health cover scheme launched in December 2016.
  • Under this scheme, basic health coverage for a year upto Rs.5 lakh per family is provided for secondary and tertiary care.
  • Under this, a cover upto Rs.1.5 lakh is provided through Insurance mode, and cover beyond 1.5 to 5 lakhs is provided through Assurance mode.
  • Implementation under assurance mode was done in March 2018.
  • Services under this scheme are extended through various companies in Insurance and Assurance mode.
  • The beneficiary does not have to contribute to the treatment as the entire amount under this scheme is borne by the Government of West Bengal.  
  • The services delivered under this scheme are cashless, paperless, and are based on Smart cards. It means the complete amount of health cover is borne by the state government.
  • The scheme covers all the pre-existing diseases of the patient.
  • Citizens do not have to pay anything from their pocket.
  • There is no upper cap on the size of the family enrolled under this scheme. Parents of both the spouse (husband and wife) are covered under this scheme.
  • All the physically challenged dependent persons of a family are also covered.
  • Beneficiaries enrolled under the scheme are provided with a smart card that captures details such as details of family members, biometric, mobile no., photograph, address, SECC Id, etc.
  • The gradation and empanelment of hospitals are done online and depend on the availability of infrastructure and services.
  • From the inception of the scheme, it is managed through an online platform.
  • Beneficiaries are provided complete pre-authorization in online mode with a work time of 24 hours.  
  • In case cards are blocked, Beneficiaries are sent instant alerts and SMSs.
  • Claim for reimbursement to the hospital should be done with a Turnaround time of 30 days. Beyond the stipulated time of 30 days, charges will be imposed for delayed payment.
  • On discharge, real-time uploading of beneficiary health data/records will be done.
  • An android based mobile application is also available for better accessibility to the beneficiaries.
  • Availability of a 24*7 toll-free call center for support with an option of feedback.  
  • A proper mechanism for monitoring grievance mechanism
  • Beneficiaries are provided online alerts with escalation matric in case a fraud is detected.

How to Apply for Swasthya Sathi Scheme?

Follow the application process explained below in various steps-

  • Visit the official portal of the scheme.
  • Click on the Apply Online menu given on the menu bar.
  • Select the Form B option from the drop-down menu.
  • The application form will open.
  • Download the application form and print it.
  • Fill in details in the application form correctly.
  • Submit the application form to the concerned authority.
  • Take the receipt of registration and keep it safe.     

Information to be filled in Application Form

  • Application No. (Camp Name, Serial No., Date)
  • Name of the Applicant (Female head of the family)
  • Father’s Name  
  • District, Block, Panchayat, Village, Residential Address
  • Cast Details  
  • Name of all the members of the family
  • Their Gender, Age, Relation
  • Mobile No.   
  • Khadyasathi Id
  • Aadhaar No.      
  • Signature of the Beneficiary      

In this article today, we will share with all of you the details of the new Swasthya Sathi scheme so that you can apply for it and avail the benefits of health. We will also share with you all the eligibility criteria and the age criteria which is needed to apply for the Swasthya Sathi Smart Card scheme launched by the Chief Minister of West Bengal State for the upcoming year 2022. We will also share with you all the step-by-step procedures through which you will be able to apply for the Swasthya Sathi for the upcoming year 2022 and you will achieve this smart card.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal State Mamta Banerjee on Thursday announced a new Swasthya Sathi Health Scheme 2022 so that it can cover the entire population of the West Bengal State. A lot of new schemes are launched by the Chief Minister of the West Bengal State to help the residents improve their livelihood and save them from the catastrophic aftermath of the coronavirus. The new scheme will be applicable from 1st December 2020 as per the announcement of the Chief Minister. She also announced that the entire Cashless Health Scheme was funded by the government of West Bengal State.

It is said that at least 7.5 crore people will enroll under the Cashless Health Scheme of the West Bengal State. As per the announcement made by the Chief Minister of the state, each and every family in the West Bengal State will be covered under this Swasthya Sathi scheme. The Chief Minister also further said that the Central Government only gives 60% for Ayushman Bharat Yojana but this Swasthya Sathi Cashless Health Scheme will be covered 100% by the State Government. The main benefit which will be provided through this scheme is through the smart card. A smart card will be given to each family will which will be applicable in all government and private hospitals in West Bengal.

As you all know that West Bengal Duare campaign is being implemented throughout the state. Through this campaign, people are also registering for various government schemes. On 8 January 2021, the West Bengal government took a decision to send a letter to all the beneficiaries of the Swasthya Sathi scheme who are registering through the Duare Sarkar campaign. This letter will be written by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. This letter will be a kind of thank you message to the beneficiaries of the Swasthya Sathi scheme. In this letter, the Chief Minister has referred to the beneficiaries as ‘Dear companions’. She has also provided information regarding the Duare campaign that started on 1st December 2020.

Under West Bengal Swasthya Sathi scheme health insurance up to Rs 5 lakh is given by the government of West Bengal to all the beneficiaries. On 27 December 2020, a meeting was held between health officials and private hospitals. The representatives of private hospitals have discussed the rates of treatment under the Swasthya Sathi scheme. They have the opinion that the rates under the Swasthya Sathi scheme are very low. The president association of hospitals of eastern India Roopak Barua has told the media that the meeting was fruitful and positive. The government and private healthcare service providers have discussed the importance of Health Insurance schemes.

The main objective to launch this Swasthya Sathi Cashless Health Scheme is to help the residents of West Bengal state to issue cashless treatments. However, the scheme was previously launched by the Chief Minister of the West Bengal state in the year 2016 and it covered all of the secondary and tertiary care up to rupees 5 lakh per annum per family of the state but now the scheme has been expanded to cover all of the residents of the West Bengal estate irrespective of their economic or backward society status. The health card will be distributed among the women of the families from the upcoming date of 1st December 2020.

Swasthya Sathi Smart Card will be available to the senior-most female member of the eligible household in this scheme. Through the smart Card, the people will be able to avail health benefits across any of the given private or public government hospitals. There are no specific eligibility criteria which are needed to be followed because the scheme has been expanded to all of the families of West Bengal State. The state government has spent around rupees 2000 crore as an annual expenditure on this Health Scheme. Smart cards will help people to carry on different treatments without giving even one penny to the hospital authorities.

There are more than 1500 impaneled hospitals under this scheme. The beneficiaries can opt for any Hospital of their choice. The details of these hospitals are available in the public domain with each passing day the number of hospitals increases spontaneously

Hello everyone, from today’s article you will know about the Swasthya Sathi Scheme registration 2022, apply online, and its beneficiary list. Every West Bengal citizen can apply for the same scheme if they will fulfill the criteria for the same plan. From here you will gather all the important details and also see the benefits of using a Swasthya smart card. 

West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee announced a health scheme that will cover all residents of the state named “Swasthya Sathi Scheme”. This scheme was launched to improve the health and life of every citizen. Coronavirus has already created hazardous losses and launching such schemes is helpful for its residents. She also stated that all cashless health schemes will be funded by the government to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

This scheme was first time launched in the year of 2016 with an objective to provide cashless treatment for those whose annual family income is 5 lakh or less, but now it has expanded the scheme by providing this facility to all the residents of West Bengal irrespective of their financial status. The state government wants each resident to live a healthy life and also can save their income for other important tasks. 

As per a new update in the scheme, the government has upgraded the earlier amount which was 5 lakh. The representative of private hospitals has raised the issue that the amount given by the scheme for health treatment is very low. And to discuss the same issue, there was a meeting on 27th December 2020 between government health organizations and private hospitals, and they showed a positive attitude. As the hospital’s representative stated that the cost of surgery is high which can’t be fulfilled with this scheme, so the government should increase the fund. 

The West Bengal government announced that the Swasthya Sathi Smart card will be made in the name of the most senior female in the family and with this card they can get the best treatment from any hospital in India without paying a single coin. There are other health cards also available but such cards cover a few kinds of treatments whereas Sathi smart cards can be expended for all treatments. Till now the government has invested more than 2000 crores for making their residents’ lives easier. 

Every government has its own benefits and using the Swasthya Sathi scheme you will be satisfied with its services. As compared to Ayushmaan Card this card is more beneficial because Ayushmaan covers only 60% of the treatment whereas Swasthya Sathi covers 100% of the treatment cost. About 7.5 crores of people have enrolled for the same scheme after its announcement. This card is valid for all public and private hospitals. 

Swasthya Sathi Smart Card scheme has been started by the Government of West Bengal, under which health benefits will be provided to the citizens of the state. Under this scheme, lakhs of beneficiaries of the state will be provided with health insurance and other facilities. In this article, we are going to know all the important information about the Sawsthya Sathi scheme. What is Swasthya Sathi Scheme? Those who know about its benefits, purpose, qualifications, etc. Also, we will know the process of applying for this scheme step by step. Therefore, you are requested to read this article thoroughly till the last so that you can get all the information about it in detail.

You all will definitely be aware of the present state of the country. The coronavirus epidemic is spreading very fast in the country. The Health system is also not better in our country. Many people of Corona infected are dying and people are unable to save their family’s life. Those who have money, get their treatment in a better hospital, but poor people of the country are not able to get their treatment in a better hospital. Therefore, the Government of West Bengal has started the WB Swasthya Sathi Yojana to provide health-related facilities to its citizens. We are going to get information about this scheme in detail below.

Name of the scheme Swasthya Sathi Scheme
Category West Bengal Govt Scheme
Scheme Type State-funded health scheme
Official Launch Date 30th December 2016
Launched by CM Mamata Banerjee
Implemented by Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India
Benefit Health coverage
Insurance cover upto 5 lakh per annum per family
Beneficiary All residents of West Bengal
Instrument issued Smart Card
Validity of the smart card Lifetime
Impanelled Hospitals 2245+
Application Status Active
Mode of Application Online/ Offline
Application form Form B
Official portal swasthyasathi.gov.in