Registration for the National Career Service Portal: National Career Service Login & Registration

NCS - National Career Service – allows all young people who are currently unemployed to find work based on their qualifications by enrolling on the NCS Portal.

Registration for the National Career Service Portal: National Career Service Login & Registration
Registration for the National Career Service Portal: National Career Service Login & Registration

In our today’s article, we will furnish you with the all information about the “National Career Services Portal 2021 Registration”, and also we will let you know the NCS Login process. As we all know, in our country, unemployment is too much, keeping in mind, the country’s prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi started a portal named NCS – National Career Service so that all the youths who are currently without jobs can get jobs according to their qualification by registering on NCS Portal.

We are here to give all information to the youth of India as there is a lot of youth who do not know what is the National Career Service Portal and how it works. NCS is one of the portals where unemployed youth who are keen to search for a job can register themselves on the portal and As soon as a job comes, they can be informed according to their qualification. For more details on National Career Service Portal New Registration & Login  NCS Work From Home, Free Job Posting, Job Vacancies & Contact Number, continue reading ahead.

NCS – National Career Service is a portal where any youth can register themselves in order to get the best suitable job according to their ability. To register in the NCS portal, there is no age limit that has been fixed for the applicant. The career counselors are set under it for the guidance of unemployed youth and make them skilled with career-building courses. The portal provides different categories of jobs in one platform, either the applicant who registered in the portal looking for a job or a company is looking for workers for their work. The NCS portal also provides to get any kind of training to improve your business.

Our country is a very populous country with a large population. Due to the large population, everyone has difficulty in getting a job and even those who get a job cannot get it according to their qualification or their ability due to which they become employed. Keeping this in mind, the National Career Service Portal has been launched. In this way, this portal is made for those who need jobs and can find a job by registering themselves in the job portal. For registration, you do not need to go anywhere, you can do it by sitting at home with an internet connection in your system. The portal provides the various categories of jobs, whether it is big or small.

List of Holders of National Career Service Portal

  • Job Seeker
  • Employer
  • Household user
  • Local service provider
  • Skill Provider
  • Career center
  • Placement organization
  • Government department
  • Advisor

Key Features of the National Career Service Portal

  1. One of the features of this portal is that a candidate will get the most suitable job according to their application or apply in the portal on the basis of their qualification. Only she/he needs to register their name in the portal.
  2. Its most beautiful feature is that here anyone, such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, Mistry, all types of people can register in the portal.
  3. About 20 crore people have been included in this portal as well as companies that will provide employment to the candidates. This portal covers 8 lakh companies and government institutions.
  4. A company that will need staff can easily search and find qualified employees for their company and at the same time, it will easily provide jobs to the unemployed.

Benefits of the National Career Service (NCS) Portal

Many people will be benefitted from this portal only by applying this portal. The people do not need to search for jobs by wandering around and also they do not need to spend money. You can easily register in the portal to get a job without spending any money. You just only need to have an internet connection in your system.

  • This portal is also profitable for those who have a lot of work experience and can get many job options. Here the candidate will also have a good chance of choosing a job.
  • The candidate could take any wrong advantage of the candidate’s registration.
  • The registered registration of the candidate in the portal is linked with Aadhaar so that no other interested candidates can take all the work-related training. And students will also be given career counseling.
  • Private and public sector employers will also be included in the National Career Service portal.
  • The process of registering in the NCS portal is very easy. For this, you can first create your account by visiting the official website and registering by selecting the category according to your choice.
  • There are no age criteria that have been fixed to take advantage of this portal, any age group candidate can get the benefit and you are also eligible whether you are educated or not.

NCS Work From Home (Job Vacancies) Online

  1. If you want to find Work From Home (Job Vacancies)’ on NCS Portal.
  2. On the web page, you have to fill out the Search Job Form to find suitable job vacancies.
  3. Here you can find jobs as per your experience and qualifications.
  4. Also, job-seekers can directly apply for the same.
  5. There are two options i.e. Direct Job Postings on NCS or by NCS Partners in this search job page.
  6. Now you can check the complete list of national career service work from home.

National Career Service (NCS) project is a Mission Mode Project launched by the Ministry of Labour and Employment (India) Government of India for establishing quick and efficient career-related services across the country by revamping the existing nationwide set-up of Employment Exchanges into IT-enabled Career Centers. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 20 July 2015 as part of the government’s focus on providing the right skills and generating employment.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment (India) Government of India has launched the National Career Service (NCS) in order to establish efficient and quick career-related services across India by restoring the present nationwide Employment Exchanges set-up into IT-enabled Career Centres. This NCS portal has been launched by Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India on 20 July 2015 to give the right way of government to focus on providing the right skills and producing employment for Indian Youth.

The Indian central government has launched a new portal namely National Career Service Portal. This is a one-stop career portal under which unemployed people will get every kind of assistance related to jobs. The youth of the nation will get to learn more and will be able to develop their skills more with counselling and such. Alongside the portal provides information regarding local help such as carpenters, plumbers and other household needs.

Unemployment has always been a major hurdle in the path of national progress. Like many other states, the current CM of Goa, Manohar Parrikar has launched a new site that will offer job seekers and employers multitudinous opportunities. The name of this job site is National Career Service Portal. Apart from searching for jobs in Goa, youngsters will be able to keep a tab on national job markets as well. The site will bridge the gap between job providers and job seekers easily.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started the National Career Service Portal to overcome the problem of unemployment in the country. By registering unemployed on this portal, they will be able to get jobs according to their qualifications. This portal guides the unemployed and makes them skilled with career-building courses. Through this portal, unemployed youth can get jobs and companies can use this portal to recruit staff for their work. Through the National Service Portal, you can also get any kind of training related to your business.
About 2 crore people registered in the employment exchange will be brought. At the same time, about 9 lakh companies and institutions providing employment on the portal will also be brought. Registration on this portal can be done for free. But to prevent this portal from being misused, job seekers will have to link their Aadhar cards. For registration on this portal, companies and organizations will have to submit a copy of the Society Registration or Company Registration Certificate. Public and private sector employers will be directly connected to this portal. Along with this, indirect employers such as staffing agencies and people and trainers associated with the skill-building sector will also be part of this portal.

National Career Service the government job portal has been officially unveiled by PM Narendra Modi. Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Government of India had launched a job portal known as National Career Service A National ICT-based portal is developed primarily to connect the opportunities with the aspirations of youth. This portal facilitates the online registration process of job seekers, job providers, skill providers, career counselors, etc. The contact number is 1800-425-1514 and you make the call between 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

As per point of the Indian govt who have announced the new jobs portal and aimed to provide jobs to all job seekers throughout the country, also Modi govt has declared to serve all kinds of jobs notification with different interview schedules in different fields under govt/private departments, also in the starting central govt and state govt jobs can be initiated toward candidates.

Official sources have said that for those who want to search for jobs via the NCS portal, the applicant has to register their sleeve with The job hunters must have to connect with the site and provide complete details about the individual, also link your AADHAAR CARD Number, voter id card, and valid pan card number at the time of signing up process. It is mandatory to provide your identity proof, you can also provide your already registered employment exchange number during sign up and it will update your information automatically and while you enter your education detail it will check the state education board database or CBSE board database to verify your education details.

And it is necessary to stop any kind of fraud cases. This portal is not only for job hunters or job providers but also for skill providers, Counsellors, career centers, placement organizations, and Government departments. So that everyone can use it to post their requirement and a person who is searching for a job, training, or skill, can able to grab opportunities easily. And companies and other organizations are also required to submit their registration proof for authenticity. So that no one can suffer in any kind of fraud or cheating cases. So it’s a positive side for all job seekers.

As soon as you complete your registration process in the web portal, you will be able to receive emails or messages on your registered mobile to verify your account. As your account is verified, you can proceed with searching for new jobs city/ state as per your qualification and easily find a matching one for your suitable profile. You can also schedule an interview for yourself.

A National ICT Govt. based portal came into existence to connect different opportunities with the youth of the nation at the right time. This portal firstly aims to facilitate the registration of job seekers, job providers, skill providers, career counselors, placement organizations,s, etc to meet each other requirements in a smooth way.

This portal serves job matching facilities in a highly transparent manner and is also called a user-friendly way. These services along with career counseling content, and skill providers can be visible through the portal with the help of various sources such as career centers, mobile devices, CSCs, etc. We have a total of 982 employment exchanges throughout the country and out of which 100 can go to be modernized in the first phase by the Union Government and PM and for that, they have passed a 100 crore budget.

The project can have the capacity of meeting the different demands and requirements of the young generation for information on education, employment skill programs, and training providers and can be supported through multi-lingual call centers in each state.

Keeping in mind the ongoing problems associated with increasing unemployment in our country India, PM Narendra Modi Ji initiated the National Career Service Portal with the mission that unemployed youth of the country can acquire a job on the basis of their qualifications by registering on the National Career Service website. It is one of the core objectives of the Central Government.

The information must be provided to all the unemployed youth residing in India as there are many folks who are not familiar with the Career-based Service Portal. That’s why we are striving to make you learn about the portal. Unemployed youth in India looking for a job would have to register on this portal so that if there is a job as per their qualification, they will surely be informed.

Through this, an applicant can easily get a job just by registering in the career center. The career counselor will be providing guidance to unemployed youth as well as will upgrade their skills with the help of career-building courses. This portal is showcasing all categories of jobs on a single portal. In case you are looking for a job opportunity or a company is looking for hiring workers, this portal will extend support in every possible way. Through the Portal, you will manage to get different forms of training concerning your business. Therefore it becomes more crucial to register on the National Career Service Portal, commenced by Central Government.

As it’s a widely known fact that nowadays, cybercrime has become very common. Thus, you must be very careful. Let us make you aware of a fake website that is operating in the name of an Employment Card that asks for registration fees from the applicants. We want to assure you that there is no fee prescribed by any official source for registering on the NCS Portal. In case you are being demanded fees in any form, then you must know that website is fake. Furthermore, you can complain to a police station near you.

Portal Name National Career Service Portal
Department Ministry of labor and employment
date started 20 July 2015
Last date continues
purpose helping the unemployed find employment
official website