Registration, Application Form, and Status for the AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2022

the new program that the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister unveiled. For the year 2021

Registration, Application Form, and Status for the AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2022
Registration, Application Form, and Status for the AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2022

A new scheme has been launched by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to help all of the farmers who are not able to get proper water supplies because of the high cost of borewells and the shortage of water resources. In this article today, we will share with all of you the details about the new scheme which has been launched by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The scheme will know as AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme for the year 2021. In this article, we will share with all of you the benefits, objectives, and working of the scheme and also the implementation procedure of the scheme. We have also shared the step-by-step application procedure which has been mentioned by the concerned authorities of the scheme.

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh State has launched the YSR Jala Kala Scheme on the date of 28 September 2020. The scheme will be very good because it will provide free-of-cost borewells for all of the ranches of the Andhra Pradesh state. A lot of farmers highly depend upon the natural water resources for their irrigation of the field but because there are high draught statistics it is not possible for the farmers to use the natural groundwater resources for their irrigation. Borewells will provide to all of the farmers free of cost so that they can continue their practices and their income will also increase because of the large crop.

In the 3,648-km padayatra, CM met ranchers. Ranchers’ fields were dry because of the absence of water sources. They clarified how they were being driven into debts by penetrating borewells. Subsequent to seeing their trouble, Jagan vowed to give borewells to ranchers having fields in uplands. He remembered the equivalent of the nine guarantees made by the YSRC before the elections. The qualified ranchers can apply either on the web or through the town secretariats. The applications will be examined after hydrogeological and geophysical reviews. When the application is recorded, the specialized group will survey the groundwater level and offer freedom to the boring contractual worker.

As you all know that on 28 September 2020 the Government of Andhra Pradesh launched the YSR Jala Kala Scheme for farmers. Under this scheme, the government has promised to drill 2 lakh borewells free of cost for farmers so that they will get irrigation facilities. On 10th November 2020, the work for drilling the borewell had started by the government. Now all the eligible farmers will get the benefit of this scheme

Salient Features of AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme

  • Under the AP YSR Jala Kala scheme, the Andhra Pradesh government will drill free borewells for all the eligible farmers in the 13 districts of the state so that the problem of irrigation can be solved
  • The farmers can apply for bore well through an online or offline method
  • The applications will be verified by the village secretariat and VRO and forwarded to the concerned APD / MPDO
  • After that, a drilling contractor will be assigned and this assigned contractor will conduct a groundwater survey. This groundwater survey will be conducted by a qualified geologist. After that, a report will be submitted to the concerned AP / MPDO
  • The administrative approval from the district collector/JC will be taken by the PD
  • Under the AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme priority will give to small and marginal farmers and SC / ST/women farmers
  • All those farmers who have existing bore well and with the contagious land of 2.5 acres are eligible to apply under this scheme
  • If a farmer does not have a contagious land of 2.5 acres then the farmer can form a group and apply for a bore well under the AP YSR Jala Kala scheme
  • Before drilling, a groundwater survey will be conducted at the borewell site.
  • All the information regarding the sanction of borewell will convey to the applicant through SMS
  • After completing borewell drilling a digital photograph with a geotag will be taken by the authority with the beneficiary.
  • Under AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme the depth of the borewell drilled and the depth of the casing will be measured by equipment
  • As per the predefined success rate of the district, the payment to drilling contractors will be made
  • For the effective implementation of the AP YSR Jala Kala scheme district collector will guide and direct the stakeholders
  • For the effective monitoring and implementation of this scheme a program management unit will be set up
  • All the borewells drilled under AP YSR Jala Kala scheme social audit will conduct.
  • If the borewell feels the second borewell will drill.

Implementation Procedure

  • Borewell locales will be recognized deductively by leading groundwater overviews before taking up the penetrating.
  • A rancher without a borewell and with a coterminous place where there are 2.5 sections of land is qualified for the scheme.
  • Minority ranches will also be provided priority.
  • Beneficiaries can apply through an online or offline method.
  • Boring contractual workers will have to lead groundwater reviews by drawing in qualified geologists.
  • PD will also have to take administration approval from the district collector to start the work.
  • Advanced photo with geo-label will be taken by the authority alongside the recipient within the sight of penetrating temporary worker after the finish of the borewell plan.
  • The measurements of the depth of the borewell will take through the concerned authorities.
  • In the event that a borewell comes up short, a second borewell will bore, if achievable by the authorities.
  • Development of energizing pit/water reaping structure will be taken up at the fruitful borewell site.
  • The government will make payments to the contractors.
  • District collectors will also guide the stakeholders in the implementation of the scheme.
  • Advancements will be provided to the beneficiaries through this plan finally.

Around three lakh ranchers will be profited by YSR Jala Kala, which is assessed to cost Rs 2,340 crore in four years. The administration intends to penetrate around two lakh borewells to empower groundwater water systems for the upland ranchers and those in parched territories relying upon the accessibility and the degree of the water table. A rancher or gathering of ranchers with a landholding of 2.5 to 5 sections of land can apply for the plan. The ranchers will also get instant messages in their enrolled cell phone numbers on the status of their applications at each stage. Around 3 lakh farmers will get benefit from the scheme. Irrigation water in the scheme will provide 5 lakh acres of land and 2 lakh borewells will dig up free of cost.

The drag wells would be uncovered anyplace underground water assets are found. The specialists would lead a study of the fields through hydrogeological and topographical overview and distinguish the area where borewells ought to be uncovered. Consent for uncovering bore wells ought to be given after the end of the cycle. This AP YSR Jalakala Plan will guarantee the appropriate gracefully of water for the water system and will help in raising the salary of ranchers. Each borewell that is uncovered under the AP YSR Jala Kala Plan 2021 would be geo labeled. The burrowing of borewells would be taken up deductively so as to ensure nature. The logical measures would guarantee that underground water assets ought not to be exhausted.

The Government Of Andhra Pradesh has issued the New guidelines regarding the eligibility of the AP YSR Jala Kala scheme. Under these new guidelines, only one farmer family can get benefits under the AP YSR Jala Kala scheme. In previous days some applications were received for three or four adjacent borewells in the same area. These applications were from the different members of the same family. Under the AP YSR Jala Kala scheme, the distance between the two borewells must be at least 200. In order to solve this problem, the officials of the rural development department have sent a report to the government. In this report, the department has suggested the government amend the eligibility rules of this scheme.

To provide better water supplies amongst the farmers of the state for irrigation, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy has created a new scheme known as YSR Jala Kala Scheme on 28th September 2020. Under this scheme, the free-of-cost borewells will be provided to the ranchers of Andhra Pradesh. In this article today we will share with you all the important information related to YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2022 such as the objective, eligibility criteria, important documents, and benefits. Also, we will share with you all the step-by-step application procedures to apply under the AP YSR Free Borewell Scheme.

A new scheme has been created by Chief Minister YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy to provide better water supplies to the farmers of the state. Under YSR Jala Kala Scheme, the free-of-cost borewells will be provided to the farmers for better irrigation. As the farmers of the state are highly dependent upon the natural water resources but due to high droughts, it is not possible to use natural underground water. The main aim of launching the scheme is to provide free-of-cost water resources.

As we all know the farmers need enough amount of water for their irrigation purpose. But due to high drought statistics, it’s quite difficult for farmers to use natural groundwater resources. By keeping this in mind, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh has created a new scheme known as YSR Jala Kala Scheme. Under this scheme, the government has promised to drill around 2 lakh borewells for the farmers to increase the irrigation process. With the help of this scheme, the farmers will be able to use as much water as they want.

The uncovered Dragwells are found underwater assets. After the study of specialists through hydrological and topographical overview, it shows that borewells ought to be uncovered. Each uncovered bore well will go geo-labeled under YSR Jala Kala Scheme. This will reduce the process of burrowing borewells which creates harm to nature. This process will ensure the health of nature. These logical measures would guarantee that the water assets will not get exhausted underground. Well uncovering the borewells is given after the end of the cycle which is now guaranteed by the YSR Free Borewell Scheme.

On 14th July, the CM of Andhra Pradesh Mr. YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy prepared or formulated the Action Plan for the YSR Jala Kala Scheme. The Action Plan will contain information about the dams which will be constructed near the bridge’s location. After the building of dams, water will get stored from 3 to 4 feet down which will be built on the small rivers across the state.

More focus will be given to getting borewells after the penetrating process giving priority to the minority ranchers. Soon contractual workers will be invited for groundwater review. This will only be done after getting approval from the administrative authority. Measurement of the borewell’s depth will soon be done. Soon District Collectors will be hired by the Government for effective supervision.

The respective chief minister YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy is going to launch YSR Jala Kala Scheme on Monday, 4th October 2021. The government will dig borewells free of cost to provide the benefit to

The respected Chief Minister YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy on Tuesday 14 July asked the officials to prepare an action plan for the construction of dam structures near bridges. The Chief Minister said it is a prestigious project which will help farmers in irrigation. These dams will be built on small rivers across the state so that the water could be stored up to 3 to 4 feet down under YSR Jala Kala Scheme. It will also help in recharging the groundwater level. It is expected that soon the Action Plan will be prepared for the successful implementation of dams near bridges.

the small and marginal farmers of the state for irrigation. This scheme will help in bringing the five acres of land under cultivation through groundwater irrigation. Around 300000 farmers will be benefited from this scheme. The chief minister will spend Rs. 2,340 crores in 4 years.

Name AP YSR Jala Kala Scheme 2022
Launched by Andhra Pradesh government
Beneficiaries Farmers of the Andhra Pradesh state who do not have proper water facilities
The objective of the scheme Providing construction of borewells without any essential cost
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