Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme 2022 Apply

The major objective is to ensure proper nutrition to the mother and children as both of them can shape the future of the country.

Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme 2022 Apply
Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme 2022 Apply

Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme 2021

Labor Department of Haryana has launched Paternity Benefit Scheme 2021 for unorganized sector workers. Now all the registered building and construction laborers will get assistance of Rs. 21,000 on the birth of children. All the registered labourers who now becomes father (parent) can now apply online and fill Haryana Labor Paternity Benefit online registration form at hrylabour.gov.in.

In this BOCW Labor welfare fund scheme, Rs. 21,000 is given as Pitritva labh to registered labourers. Out of this amount, Rs. 15000 would be given for taking care of new born babies while Rs. 6,000 would be given to wives of registered laborers for ensuring proper nutrition to baby after birth. The major objective is to ensure proper nutrition to the mother and children as both of them can shape the future of the country. Moreover, the living standards and health status of the workers will get improved.

This Pitritva Labh Scheme is going to reduce the maternal mortality rate (MMR) and infant mortality rate (IMR).

Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme 2021 for Laborers

Haryana Labor Welfare Fund Paternity Benefit 2021 aims to provide financial assistance of Rs. 21,000 to the registered workers on the birth of children.

Labor Welfare Fund Paternity Benefit Online Registration in Haryana

All the candidates can firstly visit the official website at hrylabour.gov.in . At the homepage, go to the “ E-Services ” section and make registration using Aadhaar card. Then make a login at the homepage of the official Labor dept. website and fill the Haryana Labor Welfare Fund Paternity Benefit online registration form.

To read the complete scheme details, click at the link – Haryana Labor Welfare Fund Paternity Benefit Scheme

How to Download Paternity Benefit Scheme Documents (Documents)

Here is the direct link to download Paternity benefit documents – http://storage.hrylabour.gov.in/uploads_new_2/bocw/scheme_undertaking/1549264232.pdf

Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme Documents

Download Work Slip for Paternity Benefit Scheme

Here is the direct link to download Paternity benefit work slip – https://hrylabour.gov.in/staticdocs/parman-patars.jpg

Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme Work Slip

Conditions to Avail Paternity Benefit as Haryana Labor

People can follow the below mentioned conditions to avail financial aid under Labor Welfare Board Paternity Benefit Scheme in Haryana:-

  • All the labourers must be registered with at-least 1 year membership / subscription.
  • After the birth of the children, birth certificate (certified copy) must be attached.
  • Pitritva Labh is given upto 2 children but in case the children are girls, then this paternity benefit can be availed for upto 3 daughters (irrespective of order of children in which they are born).
  • Completed application forms along with other documents must be submitted to the concerned authorities within 1 year of delivery.
  • All those registered laborers whose wife is already taking maternity scheme benefits from any board / dept. / corporation would not be eligible.

Eligibility Criteria for Haryana Labor Board Paternity Benefit

All the candidates must fulfill the eligibility criteria as mentioned in the table below to avail the Haryana Labor Board Paternity Benefit:-

Membership Years at-least 1 year
Apply Frequency 3
Scheme For / For this scheme Male
Continue After Death No
Haryana Labor Paternity Benefit Scheme Eligibility

The total assistance under Paternity benefit scheme of Haryana labor is Rs. 21,000.

Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme

Paternity Benefit Scheme or Paternity Benefit Scheme is a scheme being run by the Haryana Government through the Labor Department in the state for the registered workers, laborers. Under this scheme, financial assistance of Rs 21,000 is being given to building and construction workers, workers (BOCW – Haryana) for the care of newborn babies. All registered laborers can apply online (Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme Online Application) to take advantage of this government scheme . The online application/registration form for Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme has to be filled at hrylabour.gov.in portal.

In the Paternity Benefit Scheme, Rs 21,000 given to the workers is given in two parts. Financial assistance up to Rs. 15,000/- for proper care of newborn and Rs. 6,000/- for nutritious food for wife of registered labor i.e. total Rs. 21,000/- is given as paternity benefit.

The main objective of this scheme of Haryana Government is to provide proper nutrition to mother and children. In addition, the standard of living and health condition of workers and their families is to be improved. This Pitritva Labh Yojana will also help in reducing maternal mortality rate (MMR) and infant mortality rate (IMR).

Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme Apply Online at saralharyana.gov.in

You can follow the steps mentioned below to apply / register online for this paternity benefit scheme of Labor Department

STEP 1: First of all candidates have to go to Saral Haryana website https://saralharyana.gov.in .

STEP 2: After visiting the website “ New user? Click on the link “ Register here ” as shown below.

Saral Haryana Registration Link

STEP 3: After this a form like this will open in front of you. Fill your details in it and click on “Validate” button.

New User Registration Form

STEP 4: After clicking on the “Validate” button, fill the OTP received on your email and phone number and click on the “Submit” button.

OTP Screen

STEP 5: Now you will get the message of “Successful Registration” and after that you can login to the portal. Close this window and go to the homepage of Saral Haryana Portal again.

STEP 6: After visiting the homepage, login by entering your email id and password and click on the link “View All Available Services” under “Apply for Services”. A list of all plans and services will open in front of you.

STEP 7: After that type “Paternity” in the search box on the right hand side and click on the link “Paternity Benefit Scheme for male registered worker of HBOCWW Board”.

Search Paternity Benefit Scheme

STEP 8: After that on the next screen enter your Aadhar number and verify it and do OTP verification. Keep in mind that only if your Aadhaar number is registered with the Labor Department, you will be able to apply for this scheme.

Verify Aadhar Number

STEP 9: After getting verified after entering Aadhar number and OTP, the application form of “Paternity Benefit Scheme” will open in front of you. Apply by filling your details in the application form.

STEP 10: After this your application will be completed and you can check the status of your application by login in Saral Haryana Portal.

After the application is completed and approved, the benefit amount of the scheme will be deposited in your given bank account.

The Labor Department wants to create a good environment for all the registered workers, laborers through schemes like Paternity Benefit Scheme in the state so that their family does not face any kind of problem.

Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme – Eligibility / Conditions

The terms and conditions for availing the Paternity Benefit Scheme of Labor Department are as follows:

  • The worker must be registered with the Labor Department (Labor Welfare Board) for at least 1 year.
  • The laborer will have to apply the birth certificate of the child while applying online.
  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Haryana.
  • Pitriva Benefit Scheme can be taken only up to 2 children, even if there are 3 girls, the benefit of this scheme can be taken.
  • To take advantage of the scheme, the application form has to be submitted within 1 year of the birth of the child.
  • If the registered worker is taking benefit of any other paternity benefit scheme then he will not get the benefit of this scheme.
  • In case of wife taking maternity benefit from any department/board/corporation, paternity benefit will not be payable.

Benefits of Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme

The main benefit of Haryana Paternity Benefit Scheme is Rs 21000 given by the government which is directly deposited in the account of the beneficiary.

For more information about this scheme, you can visit the link given below on the website of Haryana Labor Department.

For any other information, you can comment below or contact on 0172-2560226, 1800-180-2129 numbers.