Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Telangana 2022, Apply Online

The persons eligible to apply for the Arogya Lakshmi scheme are children under the age of six years, women who are pregnant and lactating women.

Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Telangana 2022, Apply Online
Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Telangana 2022, Apply Online

About Arogya Lakshmi Scheme 2022

The Government of Telangana has launched Arogya Lakshmi Scheme. Through this scheme, pregnant and lactating women are provided one full meal at the Anganwadi centre along with iron and folic acid tablets. Spot feeding of the meal is ensured through this scheme. The Government of Telangana launched this scheme on 1st January 2013. This scheme will be implemented through 31897 main Anganwadi centres and 4076 mini Anganwadi centres in the state. One full meal will consist of rice, dal with leafy vegetable/sambhar, vegetables for a minimum of 25 days, boiled egg, and 200 ml milk for 30 days in a month.

This meal will meet 40% to 45% of the daily calorie and 40% to 45% of protein and calcium requirements per day. For children between 7 months to 3 years 16 eggs per month will be provided and for children from 3 to 6 years, 30 eggs per month will be provided.

Objective Of Arogya Lakshmi Scheme

The main objective of the Arogya Lakshmi scheme is to prevent malnutrition among pregnant and lactating. Through this scheme, one full meal at the Anganwadi Centre is provided to pregnant and lactating women in order to fulfill their nutritional needs. This scheme also eliminates anemia among women. Other than that incidence of low birth babies and malnutrition among children will also be controlled through this scheme. This scheme will also provide facilities for health check-ups and immunization to pregnant and lactating women. Through Arogya Lakshmi Scheme, the incidence of infant mortality and maternal mortality will also be reduced.

Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Eligibility

In order to avail of the benefits from Arogya Lakshmi Scheme, the applicants must follow the following criteria: 

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Telangana

The applicant must be pregnant or a lactating mother

Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Benefits /Features 

  • The scheme was launched on 1st January 2013
  • The Scheme provides one complete meal to the pregnant and lactating women
  • The meal to the pregnant and lactating women is provided at the Anganwadi center along with folic acid and iron tablets
  • Spot feeding is incorporated through the scheme
  • The Scheme will be implemented via 4076 mini Anganwadi centres and 31897 main Anganwadi centers
  • The scheme will prevent the problem of malnutrition among pregnant and lactating women
  • Under the scheme, the mortality rate of children under 6 years and infants will be prevented
  • The scheme will organize a full meal Committee to implement

Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Meals

    • One complete meal will include Dal, Rice along with leafy vegetable/sambar and vegetables for a minimum of 25 days. 
    • For 30 days in a month, boiled eggs and 200ml of milk will be provided.
    • The meals will meet the daily calorie demand of up to 40-45%
    • It will also meet 40-45% of protein requirements.
    • It will provide 16 eggs per month to children between the age of 7 months to 3 years.
    • 30 eggs will be provided to the children between the ages 3-6 years per month

Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Documents

To avail of the benefits from the scheme, the applicants must have the following documents:

    •  Ration card
    • Aadhar card
    • Income certificate
    • Age proof certificate
    • Mobile number
    • Email ID
    • Passport size photograph

Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Official Website

In order to avail of the benefits of the scheme online, the applicants must know the correct website. The official website for online application is as follows: Click here

Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Online Apply

  • The applicant should first go to the official website of the government of Telangana, Department of women's development and child welfare. 
  • Going to the official website will navigate the applicant to the homepage of the website. 
  • The applicant must now click on ‘apply’ under the Arogya Lakshmi Scheme.
  • Clicking on the Apply option will open the application form on the applicant’s screen.   
  • Now, the applicant must enter all the required details being asked in the application form. 
  • The next step would be uploading all the necessary documents. 
  • After completing all the above steps, the applicant must click on the ‘submit’ button now. 
  • Following all the above steps will successfully complete the online application procedure for the scheme. 

Arogya Lakshmi Scheme Offline Apply Through Anganwadi Centers

  • The applicant must visit their nearest Anganwadi centre.
  • The employee at the centre will provide the applicant with an application form
  • The Applicant must attach all the required documents to the application form.
  • After filling the application form and attaching the required documents, the applicant must submit the form at the Anganwadi centre.
  • This will complete the application process in an offline way. 


Q : Is the Arogya Lakshmi Scheme only applicable for Telangana state?

Ans : Yes.

Q : Will the Arogya Lakshmi Scheme provide benefits to pregnant women?

Ans : Yes 

Q : Will the Arogya Lakshmi Scheme provide benefits to the lactating mothers?

Ans : Yes.

Q : Will the scheme provide one full meal to the beneficiaries?

Ans : Yes.